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Ant & Dec named as Text Santa presenters

Ant and Dec have been confirmed as presenters for the charity telethon ‘Text Santa’ to be shown on British TV screens this Christmas…

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Robyn's Nest

Give an Hour logoIt’s my mum’s birthday next week. She goes away for the weekend and I spent a good five minutes this morning scratting around, trying to locate her address so her birthday card will reach her before she goes.

But I couldn’t find it. Not on my phone, not in the back of my diary, not in any emails. I know the street name, I’m not that stupid, and of course the town. But the postcode and house number? Clueless.

And I didn’t want to resort to calling and asking her or dropping her an email, I really should have it filed away somewhere reachable so I don’t have to ask for it every time I want to post something.

So what did I do? I turned to the delights of the world wide web, of course. First stop, Google Street View where I took a virtual stroll down mum’s street…

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At 1:51 pm on Wednesday 8/23/11 an earthquake of 5.8 magnitude rocked the east coast.  It was followed by two smaller aftershocks of 2.8 & 2.2.  On the whole, structural damage was fairly limited – given the wide scope of the quake.

Immediately, inspectors were sent out to every scaffold job site to make sure nothing had shifted, moved, or changed with the scaffolding around any of the structures.  As the world found out – there were a few national structures that were damaged, such as the Washington Monument and the National Cathedral.  But up in Camden, NJ a national treasure was teetering on the brink of disaster.

Medium Shot of the statue on top of the building with scaffolding

The statue on top of Our Lady of Lourdes Medical center had shifted and broken.  The big fear was that an aftershock would topple the statue…

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The Marquee Blog

Since HBO’s “Entourage” ended, actor Adrian Grenier says he has “changed from being Vinny Chase the celebrity to Adrian the therapist,” offering a shoulder for fans over the demise of the series.

“I have to console so many people on the street,” he told CNN. “I mean grown men practically in tears now wondering what they’re going to do now on Sunday nights. So it’s a lot of huggin’ it out.”

The actor has plenty of time on his hands now for projects like the site, which he co-founded. The website encourages people to live sustainable lives, offering a holistic view of sustainability, with everything from architecture to travel.

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